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To be the only choice for Parents and Tutors

We will be the only choice for parents and tutors by continuing to set the standard in education recruitment. We will be the most organized, efficient and well run part of The TIPS Academy and will consistently exceed expectations. We will maintain the highest standards of professionalism both internally and externally with every member of The TIPS Academy team being passionate and proactive in their roles. We will consistently and efficiently perform the individual tasks that contribute to the success of the whole by being supportive of each other and through our commitment to professional development.

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OUR Vision

Our experience of working with schools has given us a deep understanding of educational issues and we are extremely pleased to introduce our new home tuition service to provide parents with quality tutors to help children who need a helping hand in school or just need a boost before exams. We provide high quality home tutoring services, by recruiting only fully vetted and experienced tutors across a range of subjects and skill levels. If you are looking for private tutors to assist with your child's performance or to enhance their knowledge in particular subjects we can help you choose from a wide list of specialized tutors and services.